With the Türkiye Bursları scholarship, you can get a free education in Turkey and a diploma from one of the best universities in the country.

In 2012, Turkey set a course to attract foreign students and launched the Turkey Scholarship program (Türkiye Bursları). This scholarship allows foreigners to pursue higher education in Turkey, learn the Turkish language, and experience the local culture.

The Türkiye Bursları Scholarship is available to students of any nationality and covers the study programs of all top universities in Turkey.

What is Türkiye Bursları?

Türkiye Bursları is a scholarship program where international students can study for free at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in 50 leading universities in Turkey.

The program was created to attract talented foreign students to Turkey, from getting to know the country, to cultural and language exchange.

Türkiye Bursları scholarship is full. This means that it covers all the student’s expenses, including tuition and accommodation.

In addition, fellows receive access to exclusive seminars, internships, career guidance programs, and other events.

A distinctive feature of Türkiye Bursları is that before actually starting studies at a Turkish university, the scholarship holder is required to take a one-year free Turkish language course.

This helps foreign students better adapt to life in Turkey and is a mandatory requirement regardless of what language the student will study at a Turkish university.

What does the Türkiye Bursları scholarship cover?

For undergraduate students

Duration: 1 year of Turkish language courses + 4-6 years of university study (depending on the duration of the program)

  • free education
  • stipend of $100 per month
  • return flight ticket
  • medical insurance
  • free accommodation
  • one year Turkish language course

Where can I study under the Türkiye Bursları scholarship?

With the Türkiye Bursları scholarship, you can study for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at 50+ of the best universities in Turkey.

Who can receive the Türkiye Bursları scholarship?

Turkey scholarships are available to international students of all nationalities enrolling in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs at Turkish universities.

In this case, the student must be no older than 21 years for a bachelor’s degree, no older than 30 years for a master’s degree, and no older than 35 years for a doctoral degree.

Türkiye Bursları scholarships are distributed based on the academic performance and admission documents of students. To receive a scholarship, your academic performance at your last place of study must be:

How to apply for Türkiye Bursları?

The difference between Türkiye Bursları and many other scholarships is that the student simultaneously applies for the university curriculum and the scholarship.

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