According to the laws of the United States, Ukrainians who wish to study can obtain one of the student visas for study: F – for academic education, M – for vocational education. These student visas are issued to Ukrainians provided that the duration of study exceeds 18 hours.

How to get a student visa to the USA, types of visas

F and M student visas can be obtained only after receiving Form I-20, which was introduced by the US Department of Homeland Security, this is the so-called certificate of student eligibility for non-immigrant status (I-20 AB – academic study and I-20 MN – vocational training ). These certificates have their unique serial number (SEVIS) in the upper right corner starting with the letter N and have 10 digits and are issued by educational institutions in the United States.

Proper financial support for students

To obtain an F1 visa, students from Ukraine are required to document the financing of the first academic year and all related expenses in the future, and to obtain an M1 visa – the entire period of study.

Opening a US visa for students of secondary and primary schools

Secondary school students also have the opportunity to obtain an F1 student visa, but only for a period of up to 1 year, and are subject to a refund for this period without preferential tuition.

Duration of opening and staying in the USA on a student visa

F1 visa – opens 120 days before the scheduled start of study, but the student is only allowed to arrive in the United States 30 days before the scheduled start of study, which is noted on Form I-20, this time frame does not apply to students who are continuing their studies.
The student can continue studying even if the visa has expired based on Form I-20, however, if the period expires when leaving the country, then the student must obtain a new visa, and the old visa will not be extended.
After completing the training, the holder of an F1 visa has the right to stay in the country for an additional 60 days, and the holder of an M1 visa – for 30 days.
These same deadlines apply to family members of these students and, accordingly, to F-2 visa holders; M-2.

Interrupt your studies in the USA for the visa holder

For students with an F1 or M1 visa and those wishing to change their curriculum or university (school, college), breaks in study are provided that can last up to 5 months. After completion of this period, the person loses student status, which can be restored by the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services – USCIS. If USCIS refuses to reinstate a student’s status, the student must leave the country.

Departure of students from the United States and maintaining student status

If the holder of an F1 or M1 student visa takes a break from studying outside the country, he will have to develop a new entry document. To do this, you need to generate a new Form I-20, or check the status of the old form; if the SEVIS number has an active status, then you do not need to generate a new form.

Permission to interrupt your studies in the USA

For those students wishing to take a longer break from studying than 5 months, there is a procedure for obtaining permission from the educational institution for such a break. To do this, the student cancels his SEVIS number and pays what is called the SEVIS I-901 fee.
For those students who leave the country for more than 5 months for study-related purposes, the SEVIS number does not need to be terminated (for example: research in another country).

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